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Wedding Date: July 19th, 2008 Bayonet/blackhorse Golf Course, Seaside, Ca. Hi Jose! You were AWESOME!! We had soo much fun and everything was perfect IT WAS THE WEDDING OF MY DREAMS! Everyone loved you and im so glad you were our DJ and shared our special day with us…. Everyone was asking for your card! Good thing you gave me a couple!!  Thank you, Have a great Day Karina Escutia 
Thank you again sooo much!!!
Wedding Date: September 6th, 2008 Pardini's in Fresno, Ca.
The details of our Wedding - September 6, 2008  We had originally booked our DJ several months in advance with everything picked out from the first songs; the toast, the timing of the cake cutting - everything! It was our wedding day, needless to say filled with a lot of stress, and we had just finished with the final wedding pictures when the wedding party and I made our way outside of the church. We were all in the limo on the way from the church to the reception hall when we received a call from a mother of one of the bridesmaids telling us the DJ was no where to be seen! Our reception started at 4pm and we were told the DJ would be there, playing music and getting everything ready well before 3pm in order to make sure he would be playing music by the time the first guest arrived. Once the wedding party arrived at the reception location everything seemed to explode. There was absolute chaos as no one could get ahold of the DJ and we were left waiting in the hallway to be introduced with no one to introduce us! Shortly after we arrived, one of my very best friends came out to greet me and offered to introduce the wedding party to the guests so we could get the party started. Of course, as the bride, I was heartbroken due to the fact that my "special day" hadn't turned out as planned. Thankfully, my mother and bridesmaids were on top of the situation which lead to me hearing bits and pieces of conversations about another DJ coming to host the event. Amidst all the confusion and not too long after everything had started, Jose showedup to save the day! My family is primarily caucasian, however, my husbands family is all hispanic. Jose came into that wedding with no problems whatsoever, worked out a bilingual event and everyone was thrilled! He was able to play a lot of the same songs I had originally chose for the dances and the night ended up being a blast! I was so happy that he came on such short notice and hosted the reception in a way our first choice would never have been able to compete with. We were very thankful and still are, at his services he provided to our families as it was a day we will treasure forever. 
Sincerely,Mr. and Mrs. Carlos and Nichol Preciado 
P.S. We received many compliments during and after the wedding on the great reception that was hosted by a spectacular DJ!
Carlos & Nicole
Carlos & Karina
Carina & Jacinto
Wedding Sunday September 18th, 2011

Thank you so much for doing such a great job.  We loved that you guys went above and beyond during the ceremony as well as the reception.  Great MC work and the music was perfect.  We love you guys.  We will definately recommend you to anyone we know that is going to get married. 

Jacinto Salazar III

Gloria & Nick
Josie & Eli
Celia & Tobias
Deby & Eric
Wedding Saturday June 25th, 2011

Let me start off by saying thank you, thank you, Thank you.  I loved that you guys met with me before the wedding day and helped Nick and I organize the reception.  I didn't realized how complex it can get.  I aslo want to thank you for entertaining my guests, they kept telling me how funny you are.  I also loved that you guys played the music we wanted an awesome blend of the English and the spanish.  My Family and friends danced all night long.  I will let everyone know that you are the DJ that know how to party! 

Gloria and Nick Alcala

Wedding Saturday July 23rd, 2011

Fox Theater, Salinas Ca.

Wedding Saturday July 22nd, 2010

San Juan Country club.

Wedding Saturday Oct. 8th, 2011

International Catering, Fresno Ca.

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